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About our law office

We are medium size law office operating in the market for over 10 years. A large part of our practice are English speaking clients – companies and individuals expecting legal assistance in Poland or in relation with Polish law regulations.

Our law office is located in Warszawa. We are however happy to provide legal assistance in other parts of Poland.

The preferred areas of law of our office are:

the real estate law;
the inheritance law;
the labour law;

We provide legal services for entities starting investing in Poland. The legal assistance in this area includes opening a company or a branch office, tax advisory, employment issues, purchase of real estate, negotiations etc.

For individuals we provide a full assistance in inheritance cases (from obtaining the documents to sale of inherited real estate).
In many cases we agree on 99% success fee remuneration.

adw. Piotr Wierciński

członek Izby Adwokackiej
w Warszawie

ul. Świętojerska 5/7
00-236 Warszawa


ph.: +48 22 636 03 63
mobile +48 691 34 14 81
fax. +48 22 636 03 63